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Cocoa Touch Development Services for Business?

Cocoa Touch is a user interface framework provided by Apple for building software applications for products like iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It is primarily written in Objective C language and is based on Mac OS X. Cocoa Touch was developed based on model view controller software architecture. The high-level application programming interfaces available in Cocoa Touch help to make animation, networking, and adding the appearance and behavior of the native platform to the developed applications possible with less code development.

The main features of Cocoa Touch include:

Core Animation: Helps to create rich user experiences by allowing for the smooth movement of visual elements. It also fills in the interim frames of animation with automatic timing and adjustment.

Core Audio

Core Data: Provides an object-oriented data management solution and aids in defining an application's data model in a logical and graphical way.

Cocoa Touch is made up of several frameworks, but the key ones are:

Audio and Video, Core Audio, OpenAL, Media Library, AV Foundation, Data Management, Core Data, SQLite, Graphics and Animation, Core Animation, OpenGL ES, Quartz 2D, Networking and Internet, Bonjour, WebKit, BSD Sockets, User Applications, Address Book, Core Location, Map Kit, Store Kit

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