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G&G offers IBM Rational Testing Software Support & Implementation services

IBM Rational Testing Software provides a comprehensive suite of tools to help you manage business-application software, including tools for virtually all System i* customers. While the Rational brand is well known for its application-development tools, it also focuses on the management of business applications. IBM Rational tools can help improve the overall effectiveness of managing your business systems regardless of whether you develop applications in-house extensively, occasionally with a focus on extensions to vendor software or utilize a third-party vendor to handle all customization and changes to commercially supplied software.

IBM Rational Software is delivered using two packaging scenarios designed to optimize each product. Much of the software is built on the internationally accepted industry-standard open-source Eclipse framework of desktop tools, which run on Windows* and Linux* desktop machines. Other Rational Software has a server component that normally includes a central repository implemented in a database and often a Web-based user interface. Today these products are delivered to run on the System i platform in a Linux or AIX* LPAR. Alternatively they can run on a standalone Intel* server or on Intel technology-based processors attached to the System i platform via the Integrated System x* Server or Integrated System x Adapter.

Rational intends and is working to migrate its products to run natively on i5/OS* where it makes sense to do so. System i customers have told IBM to focus first on ensuring that the i5/OS environment can be fully supported before moving the servers to i5/OS. The IBM Rational organization is committed to providing first-class i5/OS support and continues to work to meet our commitments.

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