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JIRA Software Testing, Management, Integration, Consulting for Business?

JIRA is a popular issue tracking product, developed by Atlassian, commonly used for bug tracking, issue tracking, and project management. JIRA lets you track bugs and defects, link issues to related source code, plan agile development and monitor team activity. JIRA (pronounced JEE-rə) is not an acronym, but a truncation of Gojira, the Japanese name for Godzilla. It has been developed since 2002. Further investigation into the name has revealed that Gorira is Japanese for “gorilla”, whilst Kujira is Japanese for “whale”. So Gojira is roughly translated to mean “gorilla the size of a whale”! (Thanks to yusuke_arclamp — Oct 2002).

JIRA is the system used by the AASHTOWare BrDR contractor, Michael Baker, to track the bugs and issues reported by users of the BrR and BrD software. In addition, enhancement requests are logged there for future consideration by the Task Force and the Users Group meeting to be incorporated in future software releases. Tasks, ideas, and requests are hiding in documents, people's heads, and deep in your inbox. Use JIRA to capture and organize your team's issues, prioritize and take action on what's important, and stay up to date with what's going on around you. JIRA makes all of this easy, so your team can spend less time managing the work and more time building great software. Your process is at the heart of everything you do. Don't shoehorn your team's work into the default workflow defined by your project tracker. JIRA has workflows to match your existing processes, that you can easily adapt as your team evolves. Use the tool that fits your team, don't change your team to fit your tool.

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