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Managing a digital agency successfully is an enormous task. In order to maximize profit, it is necessary that you adopt the following tips as your guide to grow your company.

1. Build recurring revenue with monthly campaigns

Earning a recurring income is a pragmatic approach to build a secure base and financially thriving digital agency. In an article in 2015, Robin Leonard, co-founder of AllFamous Digital wrote, “Brands will realize that consistency is king and they will need a digital agency to run the social media and website functions all year round, with creative agencies that pitch for campaigns to overlay and enhance.”

Leonard posits that for any digital agency to thrive, recurring revenue is necessary. Here are some ways you can receive monthly revenue as a web agency.

Monthly maintenance and support retainers. Providing site maintenance and other digital marketing services such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads and content marketing for your customers at a pre-negotiated monthly fee means that clients are retained and the chance of losing them to your competition is lower.

Web hosting services. Hosting websites for clients as well as providing extra value on backup services and software upgrades is another means by which recurring revenue may be generated.

Flexible payment plans. Rather than billing your client the total amount for the website at once, receiving the payment on monthly installments is a better alternative to generate recurring revenue

Consultancy services. Digital agencies can earn recurring revenue through a wide range of consultancy services spanning from content creation (blog posts, images, videos) to multi-channel marketing (email and social media marketing).

2. Invest in corporate training

In Ryan Deiss’ keynote address at the Traffic & Conversion Summit 2017, he stated that the companies who are willing to invest in their employees by training and educating them will be more successful. Here are a few reasons why corporate training is vital to improving the fortunes of your digital agency.

Abreast of trends. Digital marketing involves strategies and technologies that evolve regularly. Most businesses encourage employees to stay in the loop concerning the latest trends. Group training of your staff ensures that the same message is passed to them, enabling your agency to speak in one voice on a position when necessary.

Increased productivity. A group of employees equipped with the latest information and resources is guaranteed to produce better jobs than their counterparts relying on outdated tools. Better jobs equate to happier clients, which translates to more revenue for your organization.

Improved reputation. Producing quality jobs prompts more client recommendations and provides a stage for your company to get into the eye of prospective clients. A reputation for getting the job done better than your competitors is guaranteed to drive more customers to your digital agency.

3. Engage your audience

Create engaging content and webinars on your site, as this avails customers the opportunity of connecting with your brand and what you stand for. As the name entails, a webinar is a presentation or seminar of any kind that is transmitted to the web using video conferencing software (such as Skype, ooVoo, MegaMeeting).

Engaging your audience through your content and their feedback, responses, polls and surveys can go a long way in improving the growth of your company. You hear from them first-hand about their thoughts and suggestions in areas you need to improve as a company.

4. Optimize your landing page

Before you can successfully offer digital marketing services to your customers, the landing page of your website must be optimized. You cannot attract clients with a less than standard website, so it’s important that your landing page is regularly updated.

An optimized landing page will always yield a great conversion rate. Here are the major features needed to optimize your landing page:

Well-defined call to action. A well-defined call to action is very important for your landing page as it tells your audience what to do. Your contact form should be readily available on your landing page as well. To make it easy for users on your website, ensure that a call to action is always at the end of the landing page. This will make navigation through your website easier and in turn increase the conversion rate.

Ensure your landing page is mobile friendly. It is important that you optimize your landing page for mobile viewing as mobile users are dominating the internet traffic. This way, your mobile user clients can easily navigate through your website landing page.

Keep your landing page simple. Make sure your landing page provides all the necessary information for users to quickly decide. You have to ensure that you do not overpopulate your landing page with too much information as this will decrease its optimization which leads to decreased conversion rate. For a digital marketing agency, this isn’t good at all.

Finally, it is important that you do not neglect the objectives you set out for your agency. However, these guides, when properly applied, will ensure that your digital agency grows vastly.

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