Blockchain Software Development

G&G Technologies has experience in blockchain technology and its platforms. Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and R3 Corda. We take pride in helping businesses create secure and effective solutions using distributed ledger technologies. We specialize in blockchain solutions for financial tech, supply chain, and many other industries. Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs), including Ethereum Platform, Hyperledger Fabric, and R3 Corda are all utilized by our software developers. Our large tech stack covers blockchain-related programming languages including Java, Go, and Solidity. On this page, we briefly examine G&G’s expertise with various enterprise blockchain applications. Contact us for more information on our distributed ledger expertise.

Blockchain is essentially a ledger comprised of time-ordered and time-stamped blocks of encrypted data. Each block represents a record of a transaction between two or more parties, and all nodes on a blockchain (participants in the system) have real-time access to the shared data. As new blocks are added to the ledger over time, embedded encryption makes it extremely difficult or impossible to alter prior records.

Benefits of blockchain, which have caused many to predict its imminent widespread adoption and subsequent transformation of many processes across industries, include: Increased accuracy and reduced human error, Improved efficiency (through elimination of lengthy and costly reconciliation) and reduced infrastructure costs, Increased transparency and auditability, Reduced opportunity for fraud, Increased resilience to outages and attacks, and Increased security through use of cryptography.


Our Expertise

  • Ethereum Platform development

  • R3 Corda development for financial services

  • Blockchain solutions for fintech and non-financial use

  • Dynamic and decentralized blockchain apps

  • Institutional ICOs

  • Hyperledger Fabric blockchain development

  • Development for Oracle Blockchain Cloud Platform

  • Platforms for smart contracts and smart legal contracts

  • Blockchain technology consulting

Ethereum Platform development: secure public blockchains with Ethereum

This distributed ledger runs smart contracts using the proof-of-work (PoW) consensus scheme. Our dedicated development teams use Ethereum blockchain to automate multiple steps in smart contract creation and eliminate the risk of fraud or third-party interference. The removal of intermediaries also dramatically reduces transaction costs.

Ethereum is a generic blockchain framework, so our software engineers can create custom distributed ledgers across a magnitude of industries and use cases. G&G Ethereum development teams can help businesses utilize this technology in supply chain management, remittance, international trade, insurance, healthcare, and many other domains.

G&G creates fast, efficient, and scalable Hyperledger solutions. In contrast with Ethereum, this technology powers permission-based private blockchains. This feature allows our engineers to develop secure distributed ledgers with privacy settings that are impossible to implement with public block chains.

Hyperledger’s modular architecture enables custom blockchain development addressing particular business requirements. With this framework, G&G engineers apply various consensus mechanisms, depending on the purpose of the blockchain solution. For instance, we can use Byzantine fault-tolerant (BFT) algorithms to verify smart contracts.

G&G helps enterprises integrate smart contracts into their business models to remove intermediaries and substantially cut transaction costs. Smart contracts (self-executing contracts, blockchain contracts, or digital contracts) use cryptology to enable safe and secure transactions between peers. G&G engineers develop blockchain solutions that run smart contracts to trade any assets in any industry.

Smart contracts are an integral part of each of the key blockchain frameworks. G&G engineers can also build distributed ledgers that incorporate legal prose into smart contract code (smart legal contract). We help companies use Corda’s smart legal contracts in financial transactions.

Blockchain development with R3 Corda (financial services)

Blockchain development with R3 Corda (financial services)

Our development teams take advantage of the R3 Corda framework to bring cheap, secure, and efficient transactions to the financial services industry. This blockchain platform runs permissioned smart contracts that are verified by the notary nodes. The technology addresses unique needs of the financial institution.

Decentralized applications, or Dapps, is the next step in the evolution of Smart Contracts. They combine a number of interrelated Smart Contracts, united by the business logic and a frontend. G&G, as a full-cycle development company, possesses a team of solution architects, backend and frontend developers able to write the Smart Contracts for the Dapp, build up a complete application’s architecture, including communications with the oracles, and create a user-friendly UX/UI design on top of that.