Web Application Development with Modern Perl / Catalyst

G&G offers Web Application Development Services with Perl & Catalyst

The old days of CGI programs and the simple development style that represented seem clunky. Web pages have become web applications. Development has moved from generating static HTML to both client and server side programming, with rich client interfaces and powerful backends. Perl is still well suited for developing modern web apps. The language grows more powerful and easier to use every year, the available libraries are wonderful and keep getting better, and the inventions and discoveries available in modern Perl are unsurpassed.In particular, a modern Perl developer can do amazing things with modern Perl tools. If you still think of Perl web development as a cgi-bin directory full of messy scripts that spew warnings to STDERR, you’re a decade out of date. Better yet, you can replace that mess piecemeal, thanks to the new tools and techniques of modern Perl. See, for example, the ever-growing list of technologies Built in Perl.

While the old wave of web development may have made the CGI.pm module central, modern Perl web programming follows a stricter separation of business logic, URL and request routing, and output. The days of slinging a string here, an array there, a Perl hash yonder, declaring every variable at the top of the program, and maybe making a subroutine are gone. The Perl world has seen the value of abstraction and ways to mechanize away boilerplate. Perl has dozens of frameworks and toolkits designed to make web development and deployment simpler.Any of a dozen of these frameworks will help you do great things, but three in particular stand out. You can build web sites and web applications of tremendous value with all three.