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For organizations operating in today’s economy, dominating the increasingly dynamic marketplace has never been tougher. But, leading companies are meeting this challenge by capitalizing on a new approach to spotting, collaborating on, and driving change based on business insights. This solution brings together easy-to-use analytical apps with social collaboration. The new approach dramatically improves the impact and speed with which sales, marketing, and service & support teams get real-time insight to the business and drive real-time change. Traditional business intelligence (BI) systems are becoming increasingly irrelevant in today’s businesses because they don’t enable users to gain real-time insights, especially via today’s increasingly popular handheld devices such as the iPad, iPhone, and BlackBerry.

Traditional BI systems are too difficult to quickly tailor to changing business needs.

What’s worse, the static reports they produce are typically shared via email and file servers, which makes effective collaboration among an dispersed team difficult, except via costly in-person meetings or inefficient conference calls. To address this failure, a new generation of easy-to-use, real-time analytics apps have put the power to ask new questions and spot evolving insights into the hands of every front-line manager. More important, their integration with a new collaboration platform, Salesforce Chatter, has made collaborating around the insights easy by making the data social, mobile and real-time. By combining these new analytics apps with Chatter, companies can empower front-line sales, service and support professionals and managers to ask key questions and share vital information anytime and anywhere as the market changes, permitting them to drive positive, timely business change. This whitepaper will examine what makes this new Collaborative Analytics approach unique, and show how it can help organizations achieve their corporate objectives by encouraging faster business insights that drive greater sales productivity