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Remote DBA, Remote Database Administration, DBA Outsourcing, on SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 UDB, Informix and Sybase database platforms

G&G is a leader among Remote DBA (Remote Database Administration) outsourcing service providers. Our database experts (in SQL Server, Oracle, DB2 UDB, Informix and Sybase) monitor your production environment and respond to your database needs 24x7x365. We are the leading outsourced database administration (DBA) company with a team of Oracle, SQL and DB2 experts. We have the state-of-the-art tools and skills not only to provide proactive monitoring of your company’s valuable data, but also to enhance the performance of your Oracle, MS SQL Server and DB2 systems.

Remote DBA (Remote Database Administration) is the most cost-effective way to monitor the health of your Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server database systems. Among various IT managed services, particularly database administration and consulting can be uniquely outsourced from your company’s IT operations. It’s a unique but arcane technical skill — an infrastructure-support role that’s well suited to and easily secured for effective off-site management. DBA outsourcing is the intelligent choice for companies those are: interested in the expertise available from a dedicated database consulting and administration firm; eager to reduce DBA costs; fed up with the preoccupation of recruiting and retaining DBA staff; or unable to justify a full-time DBA staff.

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Remote DBA services (remote database administration), and remote (SQL, DB2, Sybase & Oracle) DBA outsourcing services have become an attractive option for most small and medium size companies. Oracle Corporation white papers suggest that more than 75% of all Oracle database outages are attributable to human errors. By hiring the services of recognized Oracle DBA experts and other database support staff, companies can avoid the potential downtime associated with human error. With remote DBA support you can be assured that your database is being supported by a competent professional who is thoroughly familiar with your database. With a full-time DBA, high attrition has also become a major problem. With remote DBA services, you buy only those DBA services that you require, and only at the levels you require the service. Full-time in-house Oracle DBAs commonly cost over $80,000/year and require more than $5,000 in training every year to keep them current with the technology. Many corporations with stable Oracle databases cannot justify the costs of a full time DBA. More importantly you do not need to wait for weeks while a new DBA becomes familiar with your databases or gets more training for a new version of Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 UDB, or Sybase. With Remote Oracle DBA support and SQL support, you can be rest assured that your databases are getting the best possible attention. This allows IT managers to focus on other important issues and maximize their productivity.

G&G provides the following remote DBA outsourcing services

  • 24×7 database monitoring services to monitor the health of your Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and Sybase database systems. You get the benefits of early detection and diagnosis, which improves system reliability, availability and performance; notification before your customers or users know there’s a problem; redundant and secure monitoring — using industry-proven commercial monitoring tools at our operations center; guaranteed response times to give you peace of mind; monthly reporting to provide trend analysis and system recommendations (as necessary); allows you to free your DBA resources to focus on core competencies.

  • Performance Tuning of your Oracle, MS SQL Server, DB2 UDB, and Sybase systems. In recognizing the performance challenges you face everyday, we help you to optimize instance efficiency of your database environment. The key benefits you get are: increased response time, throughput and instance efficiency; enhanced performance of CPU, memory and disk I/O resources; unit consumption and capacity improvements; increased performance of SQL statements.

  • Fast fault recovery, data protection and disaster planning of your databases. In recognizing the high availability challenges you face, we help you plan for the highest levels of fault tolerance against all forms of unplanned downtime, including system faults, data corruption, human error and disaster. You get the benefits of having near continuous access to data with minimal interruption by hardware and software component failures; quickly and automatically recover from instance failures and resume services without having to wait for repairs to be made to the failed node; and your database can survive disasters, human errors, corruptions, and other planned or unplanned outages that can otherwise incapacitate a database.

  • Database migration services by our DBAs who plan, configure and migrate data from one database platform to another — or migrate a database from one server to another. You get the key benefits of rapid implementation of Oracle and MS SQL Server technology quickly and effectively; reduce the complexity, time, and cost associated with a database migration — with the security of knowing that your systems have been accurately migrated.

  • Data Replication services for Oracle, SQL Server and other databases, with available data replication features that provide users with fast, local access to shared data, and protects the availability of applications because alternate data access options exist. In recognizing the data replication challenges you face, we help you to implement a data replication solution that’s right for you. You get the key benefits of allowing multiple sites to keep copies of the same data which is useful when multiple sites need to read the same data or need separate servers for reporting applications; separate OLTP applications from read-intensive applications, such as OLAP, data marts or data warehouses; allowing greater autonomy, so that users can work with copies of data while disconnected and then propagate changes they make to other databases when connected; increasing aggregate read performance.

  • Backup, Recovery and Data Security services for Oracle, SQL Server, and other databases. In recognizing the data security challenges you face, we help you plan for the highest levels of security against all forms of intrusion to your database. You get the benefits of deep data protection, ensuring well-formed, comprehensive security; Internet-scale security, which allows user and privilege management to scale to hundreds of thousands of users accessing data; secure hosting and data exchange, enabling economical, secure partitioning of data access by customer or by user, while supporting secure data sharing among communities of interest.