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G&G offers HTML5 Development Services for Business

HTML5 is the next big step in the web’s evolution. It combines the features of HTML and XHTML into one powerful platform that can help you design features that would have otherwise been very complicated with HTML4. HTML5 brings rich multimedia features like video, audio and other media including plug-ins using predefined syntax. No matter what your requirement is, be it a simple website or a complex website rich in media, HTML5 is the future of web development. HTML5 is already in wide use and supported by all major browsers and mobile applications. A lot of websites have already opted for HTML5 because of its versatility and the fact that more and more mobile applications and browsers support HMTL5. Apple has for long been promoting the use of HTML5 for its iPhone and iPad devices. The use of mobile browsers is on the rise and this trend will continue to increase in favor of mobile browser in the future.

HTML5 is also being increasingly used as a format for e-Readers to publish e-Books. iPhone and iPad eReaders prefer HTML5 over ePub format because of the features that HTML5 brings to the table. Although ePub is the official standard for interoperability of eBooks across various eReaders, HTML5 is fast growing and challenging this format. Our experience in working with eBooks, mobile applications and browsers has helped us understand website compatibility for mobile browsers. We can help you migrate your existing website, eBooks, develop apps or new content that is compatible with mobile devices, eReaders and browsers which increasingly support HTML5. Whatever your requirement, we can help you develop these solutions in a cost effective way.