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webMethods (Software AG) Integration and Management Services for Business

Software AG’s Digital Business Platform delivers a wider range of capabilities that enable enterprises to quickly build business applications for the digital age. Conventional, off-the-shelf ERP and application software products are designed to support existing and predictable business processes – this means they cannot be adapted fast enough for changes in the business; the Digital Business Platform supports the development of applications for new, digitized processes, which did not exist in the past.

The Digital Business Platform is a service-oriented, event-driven and API enabled development environment with many high-level, out-of-the-box application services to support the creation of integration, process, decision, event and programming logic. The platform is cloud- and mobile-enabled, supports the development of micro services and follows the principles of a software defined architecture.

Today’s digital world has removed all boundaries of time and space. Delivering goods and services 24/7 is no longer a competitive differentiator. It’s the new and expected standard. Let our team of specialists help increase the productivity of your business.

webMethods API Management

Software AG’s webMethods API Portal provides a comprehensive solution that allows the developer community to find, learn about, discuss and test an organization’s APIs. API Portal exposes API documentation to developers inside and outside your organization, manages the developer onboarding process, and lets developers use the exposed APIs for new and creative uses.

webMethods API Gateway securely exposes your APIs to consumers, third-party developers, and other partners for web, mobile, and IoT applications. webMethods Microgateway is an independent offering—lightweight, agile and fast. It works with webMethods API Gateway or a standalone solution to control API access to microservices in a distributed environment and supports service mesh architectures offering independent and sidecar deployments.

There are many API documentation enhancements, including enhanced import and export support in API Gateway to include all assets and configurations so that users can easily move the configurations across instances. The staging and promotion support in API Gateway has been enhanced and includes all assets and configurations so that users can easily move configurations across instances. For application identification, we have secured it to use certificates sent through the custom HTTP header. The custom HTTP header can be configured as an extended set in API Gateway administration.

Also, API providers can be configured to invoke multiple APIs in parallel as part of one mashup step and aggregate the response that is passed to the next step. Similarly, responses of any mashup steps can be aggregated and sent as a single output to the client. API Gateway can be run within a Kubernetes® environment which provides a platform for automating deployment, scaling, and services operations.
With this release, API Gateway provides a dedicated screen to display groups of micro gateways registered to it. API Gateway users are now able to retrieve details about micro gateway available within the group and a list of assets and configurations. User onboarding with approval flow is enhanced to include a multi-level approval process.

The API gallery page is enhanced to display APIs grouping based on the community they are published to. API Portal now allows users to share their registered applications with a specific list of users or teams.

webMethods Microgateway provides support for Kubernetes with health and readiness checks and Prometheus™ metrics, among others. Microgateway configuration capabilities have been enhanced such that it allows for provisioning an instance using a single YAML settings file. Microgateway supports API scoping and resource and method level policy enforcement. Microgateway provisioning can now include runtime alias configurations.

CentraSite users can now trigger the promotion of APIs from an API Gateway instance to another. When there is more than one API Gateway instance available in the environment, you can choose the required instance to promote the API.