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G&G provides the best Remote System Administration outsourcing services in Raleigh North Carolina and beyond, to ensure your mission-critical systems are working to their full potential 24x7x365. Our network engineers and technicians are highly experienced and skilled at monitoring, analyzing and resolving system performance issues on a real-time basis. As part of our remote system administration (sys admin) and network support services, we undertake a thorough review of your existing systems, from both a technical and business perspective. Once the review is complete, our team of experts develops a customized solution for the following services: operating system software upgrades, Operating system monitoring, regular system health checks, and performance tuning.

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These services ensure optimal system use and address issues before they become critical, or even before they occur. G&G provides remote operating system support, remote system administration support, network support for UNIX, Linux, Windows NT, Solaris, AS/400 iSeries and AIX, with particular emphasis on remote system maintenance support for LINUX operating system from Redhat, UnitedLinux, SuSe, and UNIX operating system from Sun Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, SGI Irix, SCO Unixware, SCO Openserver.

Remote system admin & IT support services in Raleigh

We provide a wide range of services, from professional remote Unix/Linux/Windows/AS400 Systems Administration to security check, server installation and script customization. G&G’s remote system admin support can be listed in the following broad categories: Server software installation, configuration and support, Security checking, installing security patches, Server and Resource usage monitoring, Perl and PHP modules and libraries installation, Script installation and upgrading, Script Customization.

Web server maintenance & support services from G&G

We provide monitoring services for Internet servers’ availability and vulnerability and keeping servers software up-to-date. Properly functioning servers, web sites of clients being accessible 24/7 are the most vital part of any hosting business. Securing your servers now at a small cost prevents much greater costs in the future. We also offer professional monitoring of your web servers and keep you up to date on the latest threats, virus outbreaks, and fixes available, we offer you to sign up for our Server Monitoring plan. According to a specific service plan your servers are frequently monitored by highly skilled network administrators, and you can be sure the security of your system is kept in order.

Our server monitoring plan includes

Performing regular (once a week) security scans of your server to discover vulnerabilities, such as breaches or holes, in your system; monitoring of protocols and servers is performed every other day, 3 times per week; notifying you via email or SMS about serious irregularities or troubles such as the monitored service being down. Notifications include the local date and time, server name and type, the reason for the failure, an error number/error message and a trace-route; when the monitored service is available again you get an email/SMS containing the confirmation of the service indicated in the failure notification being up.

Our monitoring service includes most of the protocols and servers on your host

Like HTTP; HTTPS; FTP; Mail Servers (POP3 Servers; SMTP Servers; IMAP Servers); Telnet Servers; SSH Servers; DNS Servers.

Our external Server Monitoring plan prevents costly web server malfunctioning because you keep a constant watch over your system, and you know when there’s a need to take urgent actions before your hosting clients start complaining.

As per your requirements we may provide Net Admin services for a certain number of hours for your remote installation, support, configuration and upgrade of the software and when you need software to be installed, configured, or upgraded on your servers, or networking issues solved professionally and in time, you send an email to our Tech Support Team and we do the work for you. These plans include: Installation, configuration and support of Web-site related software, Installation, configuration and support of Mail related software, Networking, Scripts installation and upgrading, Perl and PHP modules and libraries installation. Additionally we also offer: Monitoring of your server(s), Troubleshooting ON REQUEST (billed according to the fees for additional hours of the plan).

If you have a network administration services requirements that does not fit the services mentioned above, please order a custom plan that will better suit your needs. Please send us an email with your requirements, and a network engineer from our technical support team will asses your requirements, visit your site if necessary, and will get in touch with you within a short time with a tailored solution for your hosting business needs. Our special network support and administration services include:

  • Installation, configuration and support of Web-site related software:
    Web servers (Apache 1.3. with default and third-party modules); PHP with any modules (GD with GIF support, IMAP, MySQL support, other database support etc.); Zope and modules for Zope; Log analysis software (Webalizer, ModLogAn, Logcheck etc.).

  • Installation, configuration and support of Mail related software:
    Mail servers: SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 servers: Sendmail and pop3d, Cyrus IMAP server, Courier IMAP server, Qmail, Vpopmail or other; Mail related software: Sqwebmail, auto responder, EZMLM, Qmailadmin, IMP, SquirrelMail. Other web-based mail interfaces can be installed and configured.

  • Networking:
    DNS servers (BIND 8.x or BIND 9.x), Network File System, DHCP, Samba, ypbind, routing configuration; Firewall configuration (ipfw/ipfilter under *BSD and ipfw/ipchains/iptables under Linux); SecureShell installation and configuration (OpenSSH / SSH), sudo and other security packages; CVS installation and configuration; News servers (innd); FTP servers (Wu-ftpd, ProFTPd, Pure-ftp etc.); Proxy software (Squid etc.); Database software installation / configuration / support (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle).

  • Scripts installation and upgrading:
    phpMyAdmin (free tool for management of MySQL databases), osCommerce (powerful open-source online store), Phpauction (open-source script for building auction web sites), Phpauction (commercial editions), PhpBB (open-source message board system), WBBoard (forum software, freeware), WBBoard (forum software, commercial version), vBulletin (popular paid forums package), PostNuke (weblog/Content Management System), PHP-Nuke (open-source content management system), MyMail (open-source newsletter management system), ezPublisher (open-source content management system), phpAdsNew (open-source banner management and tracking system), Geeklog (open-source weblog system), Cjultra (free traffic trading script), MRTG (multi-router traffic grapher; free traffic analyzer), YaBB (forum software; freeware version).