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SQL Server is a relational database management system (RDBMS) from Microsoft that’s designed for the enterprise environment. SQL Server runs on T-SQL (Transact -SQL), a set of programming extensions from Sybase and Microsoft that add several features to standard SQL, including transaction control, exception and error handling, row processing, and declared variables. Code named Yukon in development, SQL Server 2005 was released in November 2005. The 2005 product is said to provide enhanced flexibility, scalability, reliability, and security to database applications, and to make them easier to create and deploy, thus reducing the complexity and tedium involved in database management. SQL Server 2005 also includes more administrative support. The original SQL Server code was developed by Sybase; in the late 1980s, Microsoft, Sybase and Ashton-Tate collaborated to produce the first version of the product, SQL Server 4.2 for OS/2. Subsequently, both Sybase and Microsoft offered SQL Server products. Sybase has since renamed their product Adaptive Server Enterprise.

SQL Server Database Management Service

SQL Server Features

  • High Performance: SQL provides high-performance programming capability for highly transactional, heavy workload and high usage database system. SQL programming gives various ways to describe the data more analytically.

  • High Availability: SQL is compatible with databases like MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle Database, SAP HANA, SAP Adaptive Server, etc. All of these relational database management systems support SQL. It is easy to create an application extension for procedural programming and other functions, which are additional features, thus converting SQL into a powerful tool.

  • Scalability and Flexibility: SQL provides Scalability and Flexibility. It is straightforward to create new tables, and previously created or not used tables can be dropped or deleted in a database.

  • Robust Transactional Support: With SQL programming can handle large records and manage numerous transactions.

  • High Security: It is effortless to provide permissions on tables, procedures, and views; hence, SQL gives your data security.

  • Comprehensive Application Development: SQL is used by many programmers to program apps to access a database. No matter what is the size of an organization, SQL works for every small or large organization.

  • Management Ease: SQL is used in almost every relational database management system. “Select, “Create,” “Insert,” “Drop,” “Update,” and “Delete” are the standard and common SQL commands that help us to manage a large amount of data from a database very quickly and efficiently.

  • Open Source: SQL is an open-source programming language for building a relational database management system

Database technologies are an essential component of IT infrastructures. They often store large amounts of sensitive data, such as customer information. Unfortunately, many companies find it difficult to stay current on database security using in-house resources alone, and consequently cannot defend their database infrastructures against increasingly sophisticated attacks. When an organization falls behind on Microsoft SQL Server database maintenance, a number of detrimental scenarios can occur. Databases may undergo unauthorized changes by unapproved users. Database backups can be stolen. Viruses can even inflict damage on business-critical database servers. During the course of business, database management tasks sometimes arise that are beyond the scope of the solutions outlined above. We can work with you to develop custom project plans, detailing the terms for completing tasks that would otherwise fall outside of your service level. A la carte database management services we regularly provide include disaster recovery assistance, database upgrade completion, SQL server tuning and audit and compliance reporting.

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