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Rackspace cloud computing solutions – Rackspace is a large and successful hosting provider. One of the major hyperscale providers, along with Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Many data centers, managed by an army of engineers, sysadmins and operators, host a zillion servers for customers around the globe. They’ve got a great SLA. Rackspace is one of the best in the business – one of the most reliable, supportive and even the most open. More than ever before, Enterprise IT must be a strategic partner to the business. By focusing more on innovation and less on operations, the IT organization can help the enterprise achieve a new level of competitive advantage. This re-focusing of priorities changes the way most organizations think about how IT services are delivered and consumed. Companies clinging to traditional strategies of bare metal ownership will find themselves increasingly stuck in the woods as they balance cost, support, and the maintenance of expertise against fragile IT budgets.

Enter cloud computing. Limitless capacity and instant capability. Once considered a fad, cloud is proving to be a well-traveled path to achieve more efficiency, agility, and innovation—without the burdens of hardware procurement, lengthy deployment timelines, and ongoing management hassles. Today, cloud is a viable business model delivering real benefits for real-world use cases. In fact, 86% of companies use more than one cloud service.

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