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The day-to-day aspects of software developers or software engineers are the same no matter where the development team is located. Some may view offshore programming & outsourcing as a challenge because of time differences, communication, laws of other countries, and differences in culture. The goal of the local project manager is to assist clients in delivering software solutions that are cost-effective and timely to satisfy their business needs regardless of where they are physically located or where and when the offshore software development services team or an on-shore team is executing projects.

G&G project managers work closely with our clients to understand their business needs, processes and procedures to ensure all projects are successful and delivered on-time. This involves meeting face-to-face with the client and working with the offshore software development services team to ensure there is an understanding about the work effort and schedules. They stay in constant communication with the customer and the offshore programming & development team, and they are dedicated to resolving issues quickly and to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Following are just a few of the tasks that are typical of a G&G‘s Project Manger

Establish a plan for how the teams can best work together to meet the customer’s business needs. This is best accomplished by meeting with the customer face-to-face to understand their business needs and determine processes and procedures that will develop a good working relationship between the offshore development team and the client. Determine environment and tools that will be necessary to perform the assigned work (Operating System, database, programming languages, software tools, etc.) Provide customer-defined status reports and project plans to clients for regularly scheduled status meetings. Reporting results of these meetings to the client and the offshore software development services outsourcing team. Determine estimates and schedules for each project deliverable by working closely with the software development team and the customer.

Clearly defining and managing project deliverables including change requests. Identifying outsourcing project risks. Resolving project issues and concerns in a timely manner to reduce cost overruns.

Software developments can be classified as a science in that it relies on proven and repeatable techniques to achieve project success stories. However, it can also be classified as an art since is requires intuitive skills to apply to specific customer problems. G&G project managers combine both skills to ensure projects flow smoothly and timely. They know how to use state-of-the-art software development tools to ensure all components of a project are identified and tracked until project has been successfully completed.

Things to consider about an Offshore Programming & Outsourcing project – a software engineer perspective

Here are a few tips we recommend for a harmonious and productive offshore software outsourcing relationship:

  • Engage the outsourcing team during the early stages of the project in order to set expectations, establish processes and procedures, determine offshore software development services team skills, and determine the ground work for how the teams can best work together. Identify key personnel that will be communicating with the offshore programming team and the project manager. Establish their roles and responsibilities, and identify communication tools that will best suit your needs. Establish a time interval where both teams will be available.

  • Setup a session with the offshore outsourcing team for a knowledge transfer that should include coding standards, product architecture, special tools, hardware and software environments, etc. Often these sessions are best handled on-site. Define clear and precise requirements. This is the best way to ensure the code deliveries meet your expectations. Establish frequent project milestones and prepare for conducting code reviews often especially during the initial phases of the outsourcing project. This will reduce misunderstandings and identify problems early. Determine a procedure for managing project changes. This should be an on-going process so both parties understand the costs and delays when changes are introduced during the project life-cycle.

  • Although outsourcing a project offshore can help you with delivering product solutions more cost-effectively and timely it is not without some internal costs. Invariably there are always questions from the offshore development team that must be answered, code reviews, testing, etc that must be considered as costs. Be prepared to assign resources to work with the offshore development team in this regard.

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