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G&G offers Cloud DevOp Services

To really understand the relationship between cloud and DevOps, it’s helpful to take a step back and consider the larger context in which both are happening. Cloud and DevOps have evolved in response to three fundamental societal transformations. First, we are in the midst of a transition from a product economy to a service economy. People are placing less emphasis on things and more emphasis on experiences. While companies still produce products, they wrap them inside services. BMW includes routine maintenance in the price of a new car. Cadillac integrates the OnStar service into its vehicles. Much of the power of the iPhone comes from its integration with iCloud and iTunes.

The transition from products to services is impacting software delivery as well. Previously, development companies built software products, and delivered them to customers who took responsibility for operations. With the advent of cloud, the majority of companies that build software also operate it on their customers’ behalf.

Software as service is happening at all layers of the IT stack. At the bottom, Infrastructure-as-a-Service delivers on-demand virtual machines, networks, and storage. Platform-as-a-Service delivers on-demand databases, caches, workflow engines, and application containers. Software-as-a-Service delivers on-demand business functionality. At every level, providers allow customers to consume services based on demand, pay for them based on consumption, and offload responsibility for their management to the provider.