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Bluemix Cloud Management Services for Business

Bluemix abstracts and hides most of the complexities that are associated with hosting and managing cloud-based applications. As an application developer, you can focus on developing your application without having to manage the infrastructure that is required to host it. For both mobile and web apps, you can use the pre-built services that are provided by Bluemix. You can upload your web app to Bluemix and indicate how many instances that you want running. After your apps are deployed, you can easily scale them up or down when the usage or load of the apps change. You can use Bluemix to quickly develop apps in the most popular programming languages. You can develop mobile apps in iOS, Android, and HTML with JavaScript. For web apps, you can use languages such as Ruby, PHP, Java™, Go, and Python.

Bluemix also provides middleware services for your applications to use. Bluemix acts on the application’s behalf when it provisions new service instances, and then binds those services to the application. Your app can perform its real job, leaving the management of the services to the infrastructure. In general, you don’t have to worry about the operating system and infrastructure layers when running applications on Bluemix. Layers such as root filesystems and middleware components are abstracted so that you can focus on your application code. However, you can learn more about these layers if you need specifics on where your app is running. See Viewing Bluemix infrastructure layers for details.