G&G offers Web Application Development Services for Business

Web application development will typically have a short development life-cycle lead by a small development team. Front-end development for web applications is accomplished through client-side programming. The client refers to a computer application such as a web browser. Client-side programming will typically utilize HTML, CSS and JavaScript. HTML programming will instruct a browser on displaying the on-screen content of web pages, while CSS keeps displayed information in the correct format. JavaScript will run JavaScript code on a web page, making some of the content interactive.

Server-side programming powers the client-side programming and is used to create the scripts that web applications use. Scripts can be written in multiple scripting languages such as Ruby, Java, and Python. Server-side scripting will create a custom interface for the end-user and hide the source code that makes up the interface.

Web applications will have a large amount of information that may contain mistakes, so the testing process for web applications tends to be more in-depth than other software forms. Web application development tests may include security, performance, load, stress, accessibility, usability, and quality assurance tests. Other tests that can be performed for web applications include HTML/CSS validation or cross-browser tests. Many of these tests can and should be automated whenever possible.

Web Application Design and Development has become a leading industry in recent years. With the explosion of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, web application development is now in incredible demand. Since the beginning, G&G Technologies, Inc. has constantly been involved in various web application design and development projects and have successfully delivered diverse apps, across many industries including Banking, Telecom, Healthcare, Retail, Insurance and lots more. Presently, our web apps are being used by millions of users all around the world. We provide custom web apps solutions for many different technology platforms. Our team of motivated young developers has a clear understanding and thorough experience in creating consumer apps that are easily configurable and can integrate conveniently with client’s current infrastructure. Our Web Application Development Services cater to both B2B and B2C customers across varying technologies and industries.