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Delphi, FoxPro software development serviceVisual FoxPro is a data-centric object-oriented and procedural programming language produced by Microsoft. It is derived from FoxPro (originally known as FoxBASE) which was developed by Fox Software beginning in 1984. Fox Technologies merged with Microsoft in 1992, after which the software acquired further features and the prefix “Visual”. The last version of FoxPro (2.6) worked under Mac OS, DOS, Windows, and Unix: Visual FoxPro 3.0, the first “Visual” version, reduced platform support to only Mac and Windows, and later versions were Windows-only. The current version of Visual FoxPro is COM-based and Microsoft has stated that they do not intend to create a Microsoft .NET version. G&G Technologies, an Offshore Software development Company providing IT services and solutions to clients worldwide. Our services and solutions involve emerging technologies, continuous learning, innovation and every possible effort that would contribute to the success of our clients. Apart from these, we offer IT Staffing services, wherein clients can hire dedicated Software Programmers, offshore or onsite as per project requirements. Our Programmers are proficient in technologies such as Microsoft DotNet (VB/ C#/ ASP.Net/ XML), Borland Delphi, Visual Basic and databases including MYSQL, Postgres SQL, SQL Server,Oracle, Sybase, Advantage and Other Paradox Databases.



  • It acts as Interactive Database Manager.

  • It acts as programming language.

  • It acts as Application Development Environment.

  • Creating database

  • Adding/Removing data from database.

  • Editing existing data.


  • Provides the object-oriented programming syntax.

  • Visual Tools

  • Supports multimedia database.

  • Inexpensive


  • No low-level programming can be done.

  • Scalability of database.

  • It has character mode only.

Delphi Features

  • High-Performance Compilers: Highly optimized compilers targeting all platforms ensures performance won’t leave you twiddling your thumbs each time you compile! A hybrid mix of proprietary compilers on Windows and deep integration of LLVM on mobile provide industry-leading compile speeds across platforms based on the best compilers for each platform.

  • Modern Developer Centric IDE: RAD Studio IDE continues to pave the way for innovative Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), with the most advanced visual development toolset, an extensive array of unique features, shortcuts, and capabilities to significantly improve development productivity.

  • Modern OOP-centric languages: RAD Studio has many classes and interfaces providing polymorphic design at the core. As a result, RAD Studio delivers developers a choice of two languages (Delphi and enhanced C++). This provides leading language features like Generics (Delphi), Asynchronous programming, very powerful Run Time Type Information (RTTI), or as C# developers call it, reflection. This is true in C++ as well with Class Helpers, Automatic Reference Counting, and much more.

  • Develop with a smarter IDE: Writing and editing code has never been faster! Code Insight™delivers auto-code-completion based on your code and used libraries, supplemented by inline documentation to give hints and tips supporting you as you write code. Enhanced macro and copy and paste features speed up repetitive tasks. Bookmarks and automatic (or custom named) collapsible regions speed up code navigation when working on large blocks of code.

  • Keep your design Agile: Increase your productivity in the VCL designer with the ability to rapidly modify the name, caption, alignment, layout, the color of a control, Copy the component name, quickly layout a form from a template, connect images and image lists, and bind the control to a data source or data field.

  • Agile Refactoring/ Managing Change: Refactoring support keeps you fast and agile by taking the stress out of those daily changes that happen as things transform. Renaming identifiers, declaring new variables and fields, renaming classes or fields across your code base, extracting code into a new method and syncing declaration and interfaces are just a few of the many refactoring aids built into the RAD Studio IDE.

  • Write code faster with Live Templates: Live templates are reusable skeleton code statements that enable developers to rapidly code recurring structures. Use built-in templates or add your own, Live Templates are an invaluable tool for fast developers.

Our solutions offer Delphi and FoxPro software development and programming services to its clients across the globe. We have a well versed team of highly experienced Delphi programmers helping many customers in developing robust products ranging from simple database to high end networking based server applications. Our Delphi programming services are designed to meet various business needs of global clients. We have been doing programming in FoxPro since the early 90’s and today we still do a significant amount of FoxPro support and conversion of FoxPro databases to Microsoft SQL Server or Access. We have written hundreds of Visual FoxPro programs over the years. Microsoft Corporation, who owns Visual Foxpro, announced on January 12, 2010 that mainstream support for the product has ended. Microsoft will continue “extended support” until January 13, 2015. There are presently no plans by Microsoft to release any further updates or patches for FoxPro so, in effect, practical support has ended.