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Android mobile app development companyYour company may consider staff augmentation with G&G’s mobile app developers in Raleigh NC for mobile programming in Enterprise mobile application development. We provide mobile developer resources at US$18-24/hr (US$2990-3990/month) for developing complex and analytical business apps to entertaining mobile apps. With the proliferation of mobile devices and smartphones a unique opportunity was created for G&G’s mobile developers in Raleigh North Carolina. With a strong focus on mobile app programming for various applications. From general consumer apps to complex enterprise mobile applications, G&G Technologies can handle it all. Before the introduction of iPhone, Research in Motion’s (RIM) Blackberry and Palm PDAs, G&G had been engaged in mobile application development. In the beginning, mobile apps were generally like simple calendar applications, customer contact list management apps for performing simple functions and more. For many years Microsoft’s Windows Mobile (which was later named as Windows Phone 7) and Nokia’s Symbian also had various software applications like financial stock tracking, weather forecasting apps and simple game apps. However after the introduction of Apple’s iPhone in 2007 G&G’s mobile developers first saw serious interests in various mobile applications starting from analytical and task oriented applications to complex mobile games to customer focused business apps. Presently the crowded mobile market, with varieties of smartphones and tablet computers (like iPad) from a large number of manufactures like Motorola, HTC, Samsung, Sony, Dell, HP and others. is looking for and in fact demanding efficient, user friendly and enterprise quality mobile programming from mobile developers. This crave for mobile Apps have accelerated with the introduction of touch screen, dual camera and location (GPS) enabled operating systems like Google Android, Apple iOS (the operating system on iPhone), Windows Mobile (i.e., Windows Phone 7) and WatchOS.

Our mobile app developers in Raleigh NC focus on platform specific software development on Apple Watch, iPhone, Android & Windows Mobile

Mobile application development & programming in Raleigh North Carolina: With long experience and large pool in Java and J2ME programming, G&G mobile developers are engaged in Blackberry mobile application development, mainly for enterprise mobile apps.
iPhone app development: Our mobile programming team is mainly using Objective-C, C++, JavaScript, and HTML for developing native iPhone mobile apps. These applications are consumer applications like mobile games, puzzles, mobile tools, personal applications as well as business applications.
Android application development: Our mobile developers’ knowledge and deep experience in Java (along with Eclipse IDE), C/C++, Dalvik VM, OpenGL ES, SQLite, MPEG4, MP3, JPG, PNG, SGL, GSM, SMS messaging is being highly useful in developing native mobile applications on various hardware hosting Android OS.

Windows Mobile development: G&G’s mobile programming approach using mainly C / C++, and VC++ for developing enterprise mobile apps to consumer mobile games on Windows Mobile platform has become extremely useful in recent years.

Industries needing most attention for G&G’s Mobile Application Development Services in Raleigh NC: Medical-Healthcare, Financial, Utilities, Manufacturing, Retail-Transportation, ePublishing, & Entertainment

Industries needing most attention for G&G’s Mobile Application Development Services in Raleigh NC: Medical-Healthcare, Financial, Utilities, Manufacturing, Retail-Transportation, ePublishing, & EntertainmentDue to ease of use, availability, convenience and low cost for companies, enterprise mobile applications are gaining popularity and in some cases extreme urgency, in many vertical industries. These industries are seeing fast adoption of mobile apps on smart phones and universal secured access to their business and enterprise applications through secured network infrastructure by employees. Maintaining and managing mobile access to enterprise applications are getting easier, cheaper, and more secured by every day. Although industries are aware of, however most industries did not face and address the mobile security issues yet deeply. With more and frequent access to enterprise data many industries (particularly healthcare, medical, financial and utilities industries, due to regulatory environment as well as users’ demands) are engaging large mobile programming teams with experienced mobile developers, and will continue to improve mobile data security in developing and using mobile applications. Following are the industries adopting and deploying mobile apps on tablet computers, and smartphones with a sense of urgency:

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  • Pharma, Biotech and Life-sciences software industries

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