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The skyrocketing availability of SaaS applications allows organizations to take advantage of new services, capabilities and data quickly. However, to get the most out of these new applications, you need them to be fully integrated with your existing IT infrastructure. As traditional integration approaches evolve, modern integration runtimes have become more lightweight, and more flexible infrastructure options are available, including virtual machines, containers and container orchestration. A comprehensive integration solution must offer a range of integration approaches, stretching from deep integration to simple drag-and-drop flow connections. IBM Cloud Integration is a complete solution with the power to quickly connect vital data streams from virtually anywhere in your organization to the latest and most valuable SaaS applications.

The Benefits of SaaS Integration Platforms (SIPs)

SaaS Application Integration Services and Saas Migration Company

When companies need to integrate their in-house applications and SaaS applications, old tools and ad hoc methods won’t stand up to challenges in orchestration, security, data transformation and more. Old ways die hard, however, so many organizations are behind the curve on enterprise-SaaS app integration, say Gartner Research and 451 Research analysts.

  • Streamlined process flows: SIPs allow managers and administrators to define and manage process flows efficiently.

  • Third-party applications: SIPs also allow easy integration with third-party applications, whether on-premise or cloud.

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Many enterprises slowly move to cloud computing in their own pace. You do not need to bring all of your IT systems to the cloud. Some sensitive data or legacy applications data can stay within the organization, named as on premises data. The organization maintains the on-premises data. The private cloud is the one, which is maintained by the third party cloud vendor within the organization. The community cloud is running across organizations and maintained by other party. Hybrid integration refers to the communication link between your on-premise and your cloud data over your integration platform. Let us help your organization transition to a more modern infrastructure. Contact us to get started!