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Before you buy from a company, what do you do? Read online reviews? Research the company’s history and experience? Ask questions about the product? These are all strategies consumers use to find out if a brand is trustworthy.

Trust is key if you want to establish professional relationships and increase conversions. According to studies, 1 in 3 consumers ranked “trust in brand” as among their top three reasons that influence their decision to shop at a particular retailer.

If you’re a new company, it will take time and effort to create confident, lasting relationships with your customers. Here are five ways your startup can earn your customers’ trust.

1. Provide valuable content

One of the most effective ways your startup can build customer trust is by providing them with valuable educational content. Not only will you present your company as a leading expert in your industry, offering useful blog posts, tutorials and guides, you’ll also be able to solve the problems of your target audience.

The comment section of your blog posts is also a great place to develop your relationships with consumers. Even if they leave a short comment thanking you for your advice, this gives you an opportunity to talk to them directly and create a more personal relationship. By reading your blog posts over time, your audience will easily become more familiar with your brand and quickly grow to trust your valuable insights.

2. Be available for inquiries through live chat

Think about it: if you had a pressing question for a company and it took days for them to respond with a vague answer, you likely wouldn’t be satisfied. Most consumers today want a quick, almost immediate, response and prefer being able to contact customer support through live chat rather than phone or email. Being available for inquiries 24/7 through live chat on your website will not only enhance your customer service but also skyrocket the trust a consumer has in your startup.

Consumers want to be able to make an informed decision before reaching for their wallets. So when a user has a question or concern and they know they’ll get a response from you right away, they won’t hesitate to place an order. Live chat allows you to have a real-time conversation with consumers at the exact moment they’re thinking about purchasing, which not only increases trust but also conversions.

3. Share customer success stories

Customer success stories show social proof, and social proof is key to building trust with consumers. When a consumer is unsure about something, they look to social proof to see how others feel. In fact, 90 percent of buyers who read positive customer success content claimed that it influenced their purchasing decision. Be sure to put your customer success stories in the spotlight; this way, consumers will feel more comfortable purchasing from you.

As a startup, you may not have thousands of glowing reviews; but even if you have just one or two amazing customer success stories, it will be beneficial to display them to consumers. Collect some real testimonials and reviews or put together a case study of a successful former client or customer to show your audience you’re worthy of their trust, as well as their time and money.

4. Showcase a great return policy

A great return policy shows that you care about your customers and are confident in your product; both are amazing qualities that consumers will find trustworthy.

For example, if you offer customers a no-questions asked, free return within the first 30 days, consumers will know you aren’t trying to pull one over on them. Even if they aren’t happy with the purchase they made from you, they’ll be happy with the great customer service you provide and will be more willing to purchase from you again in the future.

5. Let your audience see your human side

To help consumers get over their skepticism and give them a reason to trust you, you have to let them see your human side. Don’t focus too much on trying to sell them your product. Instead, tell them why you do what you do and why it’s so important to you. Let them know the struggles you went through and how you got where you are today. When consumers get to know the real you, they’ll see you more as a trustworthy person who cares and not just another money-hungry company.

Building trust is not only important for your reputation, but also your bottom line. With these simple tips to help your startup earn a customer’s trust, you’ll be able to turn skeptics into lifelong fans of your business.

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