Project Description

Many companies around the world are managing their activities on AS400 or the Power System (the successor technology). It is usually preferred due to the reliability and enhanced performance even after the aging of the hardware and software. But, to make your company stay one step ahead, you need to incorporate the latest technology. Else, you will miss out on the benefits offered by the latest technologies. You fail to make use of the versatile ERP solution, which offers a modern touch to your company’s working. If you think cloud migration on IBM AS400 based system if difficult, then with the assistance of the trusted companies like G&G Technologies, Inc. can help you accomplish it with a minimum or negligible amount of risk and disruption.

Why You Need Cloud Migration through AS400 Modernization?

Cloud Migration

IBM introduced the AS400 systems for the companies in the year 1988. During the time, the AS400 system offered a powerful and integrated combination of hardware as well as software compared to its iSeries operating system along with an embedded database. Currently, the system is only known for the following drawbacks:

  • High cost

  • Poor usability

  • Lack of inclination for modern software applications

  • Poor manageability

AS400 Modernization

So, analysts and tech innovators feel it lacks the necessary features to combat the challenges of today’s world. But, the AS400 system is still preferred due to its simple technology. The companies around the world still work on the system or the later generation of the product due to its simplistic approach to technology. But, the lack of modern features, including the difficulty for cloud migration leads to poor usability as well as high IT workload for the administrators. As time progresses, companies expect a long life-span of legacy systems. Your company needs powerful software that is a well-designed, modern, and powerful software that facilitates better engagement and communication anytime, anywhere. Using such sophisticated technology can help your company gain an upper hand in a competitive environment.

Expert Assistance For Success

When your company decides to adopt the latest technology to run the business smoothly and effectively, then you need the assistance of an expert like G&G Technologies North Carolina. So, if you run the business processes on an IBM i and decide to make the lives of employees easier and increase productivity, then talk to the experts. It will help you accomplish more and gain the benefits from the innovative as well as robust technology.

  • Efficient Approach of AS400

    G&G Technologies, Inc. takes the best course of action to ensure you get modern ERP solutions with the use of current technology, migrating data, and cloud processes.

  • Cost-Effectiveness of AS400

    You get the best results of high-quality at a low cost. The dedicated experts offer you result within your budget.

  • Reliability

    The company has more than twenty-five years of experience in providing the best service to the largest name in the industries. The strong reputation of the company ensures that you will always get the best results.

Hire G&G Technologies North Carolina for easy cloud migration on your AS400 modernization based systems. It will help your company use sophisticated technology to stay ahead in the competitive business world. The dedicated company combines the valuable capabilities of AS400 or iSeries with the modern ERP for achieving successful results at affordable costs. For regular updates follow us on Social Media: