Project Description

Conversational commerce can be best defined as the type of autonomous technology that is supervised by AI and allows online buyers to communicate with each other through chat or voice interfaces. Many companies have capitalized on the benefits of conversational commerce. The dynamic of this technology allows every kind of virtual platform – from public spheres like Facebook and Twitter to strictly user-based spaces like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri – to set up their own personalized interface system. Here are three ways conversational commerce is redefining conventional business.

1. Creates secure relay for customer comments and feedback

Customer service is an important component of every business. Prior to conversational commerce, businesses struggled to receive customer comments and feedback on supplied goods. This was merely due to the fact that in the fast-paced world, customers found it increasingly cumbersome to spend valuable time logging onto the company website and writing elaborate reviews. By using chatbots, e-commerce development companies reduced the time of feedback significantly and allowed customers to review any number of goods with a single click. Needless to say, such constructive criticism ultimately helped the company in re-devising and designing its product standards and quality.

2. Helps you connect with multiple customers at once

It has been made possible by the ability of its AI to interact with up to five users at the same time, thereby reducing the amount of time taken by worldwide businesses to address customer concerns. In addition, when coupled with a strong advertising strategy, conversational commerce bots can also be used to market goods to different customers (around the world) at the same time, in a variety of languages. As is observable, the near-human simulation of the AI’s voice and its quick grasp over regional dialects is the innovation behind its efficiency.

3. Provides personalized customer support on the go

The digital world is populated with individuals from around the world. Messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are typically utilized by young digital users. If the research conducted by e-commerce giants is held to be true, one can expect 2.5 billion people to be using smartphones by 2019, thereby making it a primary tool for communication. Hence, conversational commerce bots can be used to communicate with customers using messaging apps and for providing instant support.

Conversational commerce is a relatively new invention in the business field, yet it has taken over the industry by storm. Today, more companies are looking to use conversational bots for proliferating their business and increasing their customer base. If it continues to progress at the same rate, conversational commerce would soon become a common reality of tomorrow.