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If you’re doing business today, your inbox is full of messages. Do you have time to read them all? Are there some that you immediately delete?

Let’s take a common scenario: Two messages are sent around the same time. One email uses a catchy subject line and design, but it’s clear that it was sent to a large list of contacts or subscribers. Alternatively, you see a message from someone you know and trust. Most of us will open the message that was meant specifically for us.

This scenario illustrates an often-overlooked email strategy: specialization. While not every subject line and email body can directly cater to an individual, one thing can – the signature at the bottom of each message. Email signature marketing utilizes the emails your workforce is already sending as a mechanism to promote various aspects of your brand. Those who receive these employee-sent messages open them at a higher rate than those sent by a system.

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Creating a level of awareness and some form of relationship between sender and receiver is the key to marketing success. So, is email marketing a successful path to take? If so, what do we do next? Let’s take a look.

The data is clear.

Email signature marketing is a fantastic opportunity to reach new audiences and form new relationships with potential customers. For example, in 2017 there were 3.7 billion email users globally, projected to reach 4.1 billion by 2021. If you’re a global brand, that’s billions of potential customers you could reach by simply sending an email. With 40 percent of the worldwide email volume being spam, employee-sent emails have an even greater chance of success.

How do we tap into this potential?

Before any supportive data hit the scene or email signature marketing became an important aspect of the overall marketing strategy, there was a debate about the value of putting content in employee signature lines. However, the problem wasn’t the strategy – it was the method.

Before recent years, email signature marketing was a completely manual process that required employees to add a static line or two of text, with a link to their email signature line, before sending every email. With about 124.5 billion business emails being sent each day, that’s a time-consuming and tedious process. To fix this, email signature marketing has been reinvented with the development of cloud-based technology.

This enables new system integrations with autonomous platforms like HubSpot, Marketo and Salesforce, allowing the user to control the messages that are sent in the signature line. Companies can even segment what recipients see. Since it is hosted in the cloud, the signature content can be changed after a message has been sent, as it is sitting in the inbox. This results in consistent, current, brand-positive and brand-compliant messages being sent in every employee email. Using cloud-based technology makes the entire process more efficient and transparent.

Net Health, which provides software solutions for specialized outpatient care, is a great example of a company that reaped the benefits of the new and improved style of email marketing. It had tried to incorporate images for its sales team to use in email messages, but the old model of email signature marketing would either distort the images or fail to link to the proper landing pages. Through the use of a cloud-based model, Net Health was able to solve its issues. No process changes were required, and the entire process was streamlined and simplified for employees.

New-school email marketing enhances your most common communication tool.

The marketing landscape is vast, with numerous ideas and tools to be utilized. Cloud-based email marketing has created a better way to market through the email messages employees are sending. Through this more efficient and streamlined process, most companies will find themselves with an email marketing platform whose value should never be overlooked.

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