Project Description

The term Cloud Development or Cloud Computing is a hot topic nowadays. But still it is not very much clear to the people. What is this Cloud Development? It’s just a piece of cake – without filling your computer’s hard drive, store your data in the internet. So that means you can easily access the same from any corner of the globe if you have an active internet connection. In one sentence, it is an on-demand virtual Storage Device accessible from everywhere. The storage machines are located to the service providers’ place. Different third party cloud service providers are providing Cloud storage to the people as well as the companies for free or in exchange of a certain amount of currency. Not only that you can also use cloud storage to develop or run any software or applications using web based tools. Many small, medium and large scale companies develop their internal applications and software in the cloud and run them by using cloud storage.

Cloud Computing

A proper cloud development architecture helps you to build a powerful, scalable and cost effective IT infrastructure. Using cloud you may build independently deployable modular or micro services. An efficient serverless and composite architecture free up engineers to focus on features, not infrastructure.

In recent days Cloud development has started to become smarter. Popular cloud platforms like Amazon EC2/AWS, IBM Cloud, Rackspace, Microsoft Azure etc. are upgrading themselves with new technologies every day. Like every other product, cloud development also has some benefits as well as limitations.

  • Synchronized Backups

    For different reasons you can lose your computer or laptop storage such as OS gets corrupted, HDD Drive crashed etc. So, that means there might be some situations where you do not even get the chance to take backup of your data. And Data is something which you cannot afford to lose. Here is What Cloud development gives you the advantage. If your computer is synchronized with your cloud storage, then everything you are saving to your computer get save in the cloud automatically. Even if you don’t save something in your computer, a copy of that will definitely be saved in your cloud. So, if you lose your computer once, you can also access your data from the cloud.

  • Collaborative Output

    For any kind of output you can work simultaneously with another person or a group of persons anywhere from the world using the cloud service and collaboratively give a better output.

  • Maintenance and Update

    The most important benefit of cloud development is that you do not have to worry about the maintenance and software updates. It will be updated automatically without doing any harm to your work and data.

  • SaaS Integration

    SaaS Integration is a much needed thing for any business in order to optimize the operations of the cloud and internal processes. This is not a big deal. The system you are using to store data needs to be integrated with SaaS Solution. Just speak to a cloud computing company that provides SaaS solution and get it done within no time.


As the companies jump into cloud computing, the hackers also train themselves into experts. As per a report, the cloud development ran so fast in past few years that cloud security technology couldn’t catch it up. And that results a perfect data theft. But 2016 was the year to close this gap. The Security system has been developed perfectly to protect the cloud servers from data bridge.

This is how Cloud Development has become so essential in the market for today’s world. With the help of Private Cloud, Public Cloud and Hybrid Cloud, the companies can make their data more secure with no fear to lose them.