Project Description

SharePoint development under SharePoint Framework (SPFx) defines and establishes a web part model architecture that provides full support to SharePoint Development related to Document Management, Document Library Management, and File management. It also emphasizes easy integration of SharePoint Data under an intranet development environment. With the SharePoint, Framework organizations can use modern web technologies and relevant tools in the preferred development environment to build productive and intuitive experiences and apps that are responsive and mobile-friendly.

Using SharePoint as a development platform, We at G&G Technologies use different APIs that SharePoint provides: Server-Side Object Model, JSOM – JavaScript Object Model, CSOM – C# client-side object model, REST API, etc. Let us check some of the Key Benefits of using SharePoint development and its features

sharepoint development
  • Centralized Monitoring and Administration: This is one of the most significant features of SharePoint Development where ease of management is the key. The top-level users or administrator can quickly access operation features, security settings, coll, back up sites and site data, perform restorations and modify privileges and via a single user dashboard.

  • Document Management and Collaboration: This is one of the finest features where a company can organize its entire information in an accessible manner. The central benefit of SharePoint includes a streamlined flow of information with cloud storage that can be easily accessible via mobile devices. All the informed persons or employees can meet deadlines, make better decisions, and can contribute better to it. File sharing on any SharePoint Framework can be done easily by simply clicking a button. Mobility also is one of the key features of SharePoint. It also provides comprehensive versioning so that document history is preserved and can be easily restored to any point.

  • Cost Optimization using Site Consolidation: Organizations can integrate all their sites (Shared work Environments) into one single platform and slash down the costs of a siloed site administration. SharePoint provides an intuitive method of consolidation of all the Internet and Intranet sites and makes it easily accessible and managed by internal teams.

  • Enhanced Security: The key benefit of SharePoint includes security features that reduce the risk of outages and the unauthorized access. As much as the information access and shareability are optimized, the data integrity remains stable and reliable. At the same time, the collaboration application promises improved security for organizations that handle secure and sensitive data.

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