Project Description

We all are pretty much aware of the name Benjamin Franklin who discovered electricity. That was a revolutionary invention at that time and this is the reason he is known as the father of electricity. Researchers have pointed Artificial Intelligence as equally revolutionary invention in the new age world. This AI is something that can change the way the systems and industries work. Even it is used in a large scale in mobile full stack development. But what is it that forces people to think of AI smarter world to be a revolutionary. Here are some features of AI technology that makes it so different and advanced among all other technologies.

  1.  Eliminate Dull and Boring Tasks:In the everyday life people need to do some tasks only because they have to do it. There is nothing interesting in it. Those kinds of works are generally known as boring tasks. In fact if you work on a machine, you can still feel that same boredness. But with an artificially intelligent machine, you can easily get rid of this. That AI machine will do the similar work without any hesitation for end number of times as commanded by you. For an example, let’s take a subsidiary company of Google called Dialog-flow which is responsible for creating Google Assistant. You can give end number of commands to Google Assistant by saying OK GOOGLE. If you need to send an invitation mail to a list of guests on a particular date and time, the assistant can do that for you. Set the time and date when you wish to send the mail. Define the guests list and relax. The assistant will do the rest for you.
  2. Data Ingestion:
    It is one of the most important features of a Python based AI. AI systems can easily deals with huge amount of data. A small company of 40 employees can have a huge amount of data. Companies like Facebook deals with the data of billions of users every moment. It is not possible for a regular database system to ingest that gigantic amount of data. This is where AI steps in.
  3. Imitates Human Cognition:
    Another most important feature of AI smarter world is that it can mimic or imitate the way human thinks. Generally human studies the environment around him/her, draw the inferences and react on the situation accordingly. More or less AI can also try to attempt to interpret the situation on a similar way. Although AI is not that intelligent like human mind, but looking forward to the progress of research it can be said that, those days are not far enough when your personal AI system is interacting with the people and you are playing games in your room.
  4. Futuristic:
    Nowadays AI systems are built in such a way where the system can understand the situation and act on it accordingly and also keep the situation in memory to become prepared if the same might happen in the near future. These AIs are so accurate because they have the strong programming language like JAVA at the backend. The best example of this kind if AI system is self-driven cars. BMW,s self driven cars can handle almost every situation while driving and give the driver a complete rest. However, it still has a manual driving control which the driver can ask for.
  5. Prevent Natural Disasters:
    AI systems can be used in disaster management also. If you feed the AI system with full of all types of data related to the previous disasters, then based on the similar situation AI can predict any kind of environment calamities and warn people earlier. It has been tested that the predictions given by the AI system are almost neck to neck with the actual happenings.

Time is running so fast and one day AI systems will make human efforts at 50%. These are the 5 most important features for which science is counting AI systems.