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In the arena of World Wide Web, ecommerce website has been one of the most discussed topics. Every day the E-Commerce industry is adding some new trends and technology for faster and better benefits. These new technologies and trends also open different scopes of new features and implementation in an eCommerce website. Therefore it helps the users to use the website in a more friendly way and make the processes faster than previously.

In this New Normal lifestyle due to COVID-19 various companies and industries have been affected but the only e place which has been making a blast in the market is the E-Commerce industry. People nowadays are very much internet dependent as they cannot go outside in every to-and-fro. As a result of that, this started shopping mood from the E-Commerce websites. Keeping this hike in mind there are lots of trends that have come in the E-Commerce industry in the year 2020. Let’s discuss about some of the recent trends in e-commerce industry.

Ecommerce website

Recent Trends in eCommerce website and app in 2020

  • More Sale from Mobile: In present days people are using more mobile apps then the websites. Therefore the E-Commerce apps are getting more and more traffic from around the globe.

  • eWallet Technology: The eWallet technology has been increasing day after day as people avoid doing cash transactions and tend to do more online transfers.

  • Customization: Product customization has become personal and very much effective.

  • Interactive Online Shopping: The virtual reality and arguments are making online shopping more interactive and communicative.

  • Experience the improvement: Customers are experience better improvement in the eCommerce websites. All thanks to improved CRM integrations.

  • Actionable Contents: The relevant and helpful content related to a product or a category helps the companies getting more interested customers quickly.

  • Social Media Effect: The main backbone behind the increasing sale from mobile apps is the Social media. These apps drive more customers towards the eCommerce websites and apps for more sale.

  • More momentum: The ecommerce websites are continuously finding a perfect supply chain management that is self-learning, adaptive, intelligent and predictive. This system helps to improve personalized customer service, Thus the process gets more momentum.

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