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AS400 is one of the most reliable and cost effective platforms like the iSeries. It is very much stable and its features have made it a permanent in many companies and high end applications. There are some advantages and disadvantages of AS400. Here are the following:

Advantages of AS400

  • AS400 is very much stable. We can reboot our machine twice or thrice a day, but we cannot do the same with the servers. That’s where the stability of AS400 lies for. It can go for a long run without any rebooting.

  • AS400 is very much reliable in terms of integration of database and programming languages. Whether the security system will work with the database or not, whether the database will work with the operating system are not – these queries are invalid in front of AS400.

  • Object oriented operating systems are virtually immune to the viruses. They can protect themselves by their own from the viruses. AS400 is one of those operating systems that can increase the security level of you server.

as400 advantage

Disadvantages of AS400

If you count on it, then there are lesser disadvantages in using AS400. Still only few of them are as follows:

  • AS400 is highly expensive. The hardware to run AS400 costs significantly higher than the other platforms.

  • RPG developers for AS400 are rarely available in the market higher charges comparing to the programming language developers like JAVA.

  • One of the most important disadvantages of AS400 is the people’s mindset about it. People as thinking, due to be used in large business commercials for large scale cash transaction, this platform needs higher maintenance cost. But it’s completely false. All you have to do is to change the backup tapes when they are loaded up.

With that said, these are some disadvantages of AS400 but it is clear that those are not related to details of the platform. So basically this can easily a good option for any corporations to have their systems run nice and smooth.

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