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MongoDB Integration and Management Services for Business

MongoDB is a NoSQL, document-based, scalable, high-performance, open source database popular in BigData applications. Documents in the world of MongoDB are JSON objecs (strings) that can store any type of data and in MongoDB they do not have to adhere to the same schema, each document can have a different internal structure if that is what the user wants. Documents that do follow the same structural pattern can be grouped into collections, but that is not a requirement.

Our MongoDB Support Services offer 24×7 online and phone-based support. Our Support provides you with real-time electronic and phone access to our expert technical team. Our 24/7 online and phone access policy ensures that you can always reach one of our technical experts. Our phones and chat lines are served by our amazing technical experts who can immediately engage with you.

Even if you might have your own highly skilled technical staff, our support can help you solve issues a lot faster. Nearly every problem our Support Engineers are asked has been seen before, by one of the experts on our team. An issue that could take several weeks for your staff to diagnose and fix can often be solved in just a few hours by our support team.

In addition to helping with performance issues, data recovery and replication errors, G&G Technologies can also help with migrations, design and monitoring and backups. It’s no wonder that our support gets some of the best reviews and has one of the highest renewal rates in the industry. We care about support and we go the extra mile to ensure our support customers get great value.