Project Description

Agile SDLC or Agile Software Development Life Cycle is mainly based on collaborative decision making between requirements and solutions teams, and a cyclical progression of the producing working software. Work can be done in regularly iterated cycles or sprints, which usually last for two to four weeks. In Agile, there is no need to design for the needs that could come up in the future. This is a point where the development teams and security teams struggle. The security teams aim to anticipate the attacks, attackers, and risks behind it. As these kinds of needs emerge and are refined over time, the security requirements can be emerged that were not anticipated at the beginning. This is pretty normal and natural in Agile, but it can be disorienting to security people who aren’t able to secure against various similar attacks.


How does it Work?

The goal of Agile SDLC is to guide the development part towards the new activities and make adjustments to existing activities to make it natural and efficient to build security into an agile process. The following four principles are meant to be the inspiration to build secure software in an agile way:

  • Rely on developers and testers more than security specialists.

  • Secure while we work more than after we’re done.
  • Implement features securely more than adding on security features.

  • Mitigate risks more than fix bugs.

While developing secure software in an Agile environment, it’s essential to focus on these mentioned four principles. These principles are patterned after those in the original Agile Manifesto: while we value the things on the right, we must value the things on the left more.

Agile Manifesto was released 15 years ago. Still, similar inefficiencies plague application security efforts in software development. Security is often seen as something separate from—and external to—software development. It’s time to change the approach to building secure software using the Agile methodology.

Each Agile phase within every sprint rotation meets the software security tracks through a series of security activities tailored to each phase. There is no need to stop it to think about security. If a vulnerability is identified, treat it like any other bug and resolve it along the way.

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