Project Description


COVID-19 Pandemic has locked the whole world inside houses. Most of the large and medium scale companies have offered work from home to avoid transmission of the virus. While working remotely the employees face lots of problems like data security, access problems, tracking of data inventory, team work and many more. Although working remotely has been beneficial to the companies in other way as they can save lots of electricity expenses, food expenses, transportation expenses, office maintenance etc. Therefore the companies need to focus on what problems the employees are facing while working remotely. With SharePoint these issues can be resolved easily. SharePoint is a tool where the company can manage every work within it. More than 75% of the companies have adopted SharePoint for working smoothly from home. This has become beneficial for both the management and employees to keep everything in track. Let’s see what are the benefits that we can get using SharePoint while working remotely:

Benefits of using SharePoint Remotely

  • You can upload, access, share and download any file from anywhere using SharePoint. All documents are saved securely in the document library.

  • There is extra security for the documents individually. If a team’s document is secured with password in the inventory, then the other teams will not be able to access that one. That’s data security for you. Hence you can choose particular users to access some certain documents.

  • You can create list and tracking systems for every work that has been completed, or started or in-progress using SharePoint.

  • For a particular project you can create separate segment where only team members can work on a particular project.

  • Workflow can be created to track every project and its current status of work.

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