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Why do we need a Document Management System (DMS)? What is SharePoint Document Management? Why do we need it? How document management is better with Sharepoint? These are some of the important questions that you might as before knowing the usefulness of Sharepoint.

For every organization, Documents are an important part of our lives. They’re essential whether it’s personal documentation that we keep in our homes or professional documents that enterprise corporations are relying on.

The future of documentation turns towards the electronic world. The ways in which we manage them are changing too. Many companies develop dedicated management systems for digital documentation. Stay tuned as we’re about to delve into why they’re important.

Document Management

Benefits of SharePoint Document Management

As our documentation begins to increase, so does the need for management. It is nearly impossible to find the right document that you need if they are not properly managed and organized.

While document management on paper is done by a real person, the options with digital documentation are more flexible.

The most effective method is having a document management system, which has multiple benefits for the user, such as:

  • Security and Safety: Unlike paper documents and digital documents placed in basic folders, the documentation handled by a document management system has much better security. The access to sensitive documentation can be controlled at the folder level. This means it can be limited to certain employees. It also adds extra detail to the documents’ access, letting you keep a trail of who accessed it, who changed it, and when it was viewed. It is also a safer alternative as hazards that can affect paper are no longer applicable. You can back up your documents to cloud storage. If the files are lost at any point, the backup can easily restore your work. This could save you lots of money if you needed to recreate them.

  • Storage: Compared to paper documentation, having all of your documents in a single device saves a large amount of physical space. What could take rooms of dedicated backlogs of documents can be a single laptop containing generations of information. Digital documents can be managed poorly and take up a lot of disk space, which is another place where having a document management system helps. With better-managed documents, the space taken up by too many files due to a lack of organization is freed.

  • Regulations and Convenience: The majority of documentation has a regulatory requirement. Whether it’s an academic journal, a business document, or a governmental notice, compliance with the regulations is very important. Lack of it can mean a complete rejection of your documentation. Having a document management system makes it easier to follow these rules. They provide you with the ability to create presets, set up schedules, automate certain processes and follow templates. There is also a great deal of convenience that has proven to boost the morale of workplaces. Document management plays an integral part in today’s digital workplace solution. With the systems’ implementation, it becomes easier to remain in sync with other employees and contribute to changes before the document is finished.

  • Time Consumption: It can take a long time to find a document that is not properly organized and even more if accidentally misplaced. Depending on how many files you have, it can take from minutes to hours. Having a document management system organizes your documentation in a way it becomes straightforward to find the exact file you are looking for. Besides general organization, the system can be implemented with word and phrase retrieval. In other words, putting in the search phrase. This makes it extremely convenient for you and saves a great amount of time.

  • Synced Workplace: A document management system makes collaboration and sharing extremely easy. The system’s documentation is synced for everyone and sharing information and contributing to it between groups and individuals happens in real-time. The ability to share your documents with people in any place at any time, and the ability to simultaneously work on them, offer levels of convenience. This convenience is unparalleled to any other method of document management. Through all these aforementioned benefits provided at our fingertips, managing our important documents is easier than ever. Every business is saving money, time, inconveniences, and their sensitive documents are safe and secure.

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