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Thousands of companies worldwide outsource their custom software development services. The main reason for this is that it’s the simplest and most effective way to reduce the overall software development expenses. Handing over your development routine to outsourced professionals can enable you to reduce up to 60% of your operational costs. So how exactly does software development outsourcing help to minimize expenses?

How IT Outsourcing Helps Reduce Costs

If you’re considering this option seriously, then you should definitely know how it helps reduce your software development costs:

Outsourcing Software Development
  • Reduced Workload: With software outsourcing, you’re not just able to reduce the overall workload but also significantly save cost in the absence of developers’ in-house team. Imagine how pricey professionals can be when you consider the cost of recruitment, onboarding, healthcare, taxes (not to mention providing office space and hardware). Outsourcing eliminates these overhead expenses.

  • Faster Recruitment: By hiring offshore developers, you skip the tedious recruitment process and will be able to get to work with a professional team of developers right away. Software outsourcing cost is much lower, but at the same time, the high quality is maintained. Offshore companies have already gathered the best experts in the field, so you don’t have to waste time and money training new employees. Outsourcing will allow you to achieve tangible results much faster. Consequently, you will get all development processes done faster so you can harvest from a successfully running business.

  • Niche Experts: The talent shortage is a real problem even for developed countries. Skilled workers are available but for the high price. Outsourcing gives you access to proficient English professionals so that you won’t have problems communicating and solving software development problems. It also helps avoid workforce fluctuation issues when professionals cannot work on some task, especially during the holiday season. All outsource experts are ready to tackle any IT-related task right away.

  • Fully-formed dedicated teams: Offshore companies offer you teams of expert developers who have extensive experience and knowledge in the field, meaning all tasks will be done faster and more effectively. Increased productivity for the lower price is guaranteed as part of the organizational burden will be shared with your outsource partner. Therefore, all ideas will be implemented in real life faster, and the product will be delivered ahead of time.

  • Time zones? Not a problem: Offshore companies are located far from your country, which means time zone difference will be inevitable while collaborating. For example, companies in the US outsourcing their tasks to developers in India will have 12 hours difference. Yes, some time-related challenges will occur from time to time. Nevertheless, you can definitely benefit from it as it enables constant work around the clock. Even if your in-house team is on vacation or the office is closed, the software development team will be still working on getting all tasks done

  • Built-in Risk Management: The outsourcing team will be in charge of risk management. Even if some operational or technical crisis occurs or you encounter marketing fluctuation, your outsourcing team will still keep working on the assignment. And when it comes to the quality of your software? A good SLA (Service Level Agreement) will ensure your remote team’s output meets your requirements.

At G&G Technologies, we have the best team for your outsourcing software development solutions. Whether it is an ecommerce website or an app, our experts will provide you with the best output based on the requirements set by you.

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