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Did you know, moving out of the manual database management practice can save your business thousands of dollars? When you automate your database system with a smartly engineered algorithm, your data management becomes much streamlined and strengthens business decision quality. To take the right step towards the automation of a database management system, you will need expert assistance to accomplish the objective without a hitch.

At G&G Technologies, we have the right technology and people who can help you tie up loose ends in the manual process, so you can dominate the market by growing your business footprint and bringing back the momentum to press forward in the direction of your long-term business goals. You can capitalize on our database software solutions due to the highly affordable pricing structure and reliability.

Database Management System

What is Database Management System?

What is database management? What are its uses? Who should use DBMS? Some of these questions often get asked by new people about DMBS and its gamut of benefits. The answers are straightforward. The database management system is utilitarian software. Think DBMS. Think interface. When businesses have multiple users with various access rights levels, it is prudent to have a systematic way to view and handle database schema for optimal utilization of organic and synthetic data. Database management services are a layer of support to work on DMBS to boost business value. If you are a business handling a large volume of data, then DBMS may open the path to better and efficient data management.

  • Always on and durable: With Database Management System, your self-healing clusters are made up of geographically distributed database instances to ensure no single point of failure. Want even better availability guarantees? Get multi-region fault tolerance by enabling cross-region replication. Database Management System also includes powerful features to enhance reliability for your mission-critical production databases, such as continuous backups and point-in-time recovery.

  • Secure from the start: Database Management System makes it easy to control access to your database. Your database instances are deployed in a unique Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) to ensure network isolation. Other security features include IP whitelisting or VPC Peering, always-on authentication, encryption at rest and encryption in transit, sophisticated role-based access management, and more.

  • Fully automated and elastic: Database Management System Atlas automates infrastructure provisioning, setup, and deployment so your teams can get the database resources they need when they need them. Patches and minor version upgrades are applied automatically. And when you need to modify your cluster — whether it’s to scale out or perform an upgrade — Database Management System lets you do so in a few clicks with no downtime window required.

At G&G Technologies, we have the best team for your outsourcing Database Management solutions. Whether it is an ecommerce website or an app, our experts will provide you with the best output based on the requirements set by you.

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